Tuesday, 2 July 2013

TWD: Baked Yogurt Tart

The recipe chosen for TWD this week is baked yogurt tart. The tart consists of flaky pie crust, yogurt filling, fresh fruits and chopped almonds.

I prepared a full batch of crust and used a small portion to make two small baked yogurt tartlets. My oven has been acting a little weird lately and most of my pastries take longer than the projected baking time to bake and these tartlet crusts were no exception. I had to bake them for close to 1 hour before they turned golden brown. I guess I need to get an oven thermometer soon. Anyway, the yogurt filling is easy to prepare and when it was done, I used a combination of nectarine slices and blueberries to place on top of the tartlets.

The tartlets turned out beautiful but the crust was too salty! I used salted butter by mistake and I still added a full tablespoon of salt to the dough, as what the recipe calls for! Other than the small mishap, the tartlets are delicious!

If you want to give the recipe a try, please visit this site.


Judy said...

Your tarts look so cute and yummy. I can sympathize with your oven troubles. Ours is very tempermental. It makes baking a challenge.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Delicious tarts! That yogurt filling is original.



Have Apron....Will Bake said...

Beautiful little tarts. My old oven was like that. I was surprised when I got a thermometer for the oven to see just how off it was. (but a thermometer did help) Good luck in the future!

Edith C said...

Sounds like the heating element is not functioning fully. Get a technician to check it out.

This tart sounds healthy!

BTW, did you incorporate the shortening? How many gram will that be? Thanks.

Cathleen said...

Such a lovely picture of your beautiful tarts! It's so frustrating when ovens act up. Good luck!

bubblegum casting said...